Universal Shoe Cleaner Kit

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  • Complete Shoe Cleaning Support – This shoe cleaning solution and synthetic bristle brush bundle helps clean away stains, dirt, grime, scuff marks, and discoloration.
  • Every Style & Color – An all-natural solution that won’t harm black, white, or colored fabrics or materials, it’s ideal for suede, leather, rubber, cotton, and more.
  • Total Footwear Restoration – A premium shoe cleaner, use CleanKicks on tennis, golf, or basketball shoes, leather or hiking boots, high heels, boat shoes, or sandals.
  • Synthetic Scrubbing Brush – Fitted with a natural wood handle, these shoe brushes are designed to scrub away stuck-on dirt and grime on rubber soles or edging.
  • Avoid Paints and Dyes – The CleanKicks shoe restoration system offers deep-cleaning support without harsh chemicals, stains, or paints for a safer, proper clean.